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@PHXFW & Style Villa

The 4-month bootcamp was for sure worth it to get to the Grand Finale of Phoenix Fashion Week. For me it was a life changing experience. I was so honored to collaborate with four wonderful and extremely talented designers. It was perfect because all four are completely different from each other and this gave me the possibility to show the audience how versatile our Heel Caps can be but still wearing the same classic high heel every time. Also the feedback from the models made me very happy. They felt secure and confident wearing Shanks High Heels on the runway.
This is what I want for you and all woman that love high heels! I want to serve you with a classic high heel with the most possible comfort so you can enjoy every second and wear them for several hours’ pain free. With my Heel Caps you can accessorize and make a statement with the choice of color or design matching your outfit and you can change it up as your mood strikes you.
Let’s stay in touch, I will keep you in the loop!
Ines Shanks