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Well for me this was a huge thing.

When I had the idea of my Heel Caps, absolutely desperate because of always fighting the problem of slipping out of my high heels, I needed a production as close as possible. All I had was the idea and a very first prototype and I knew this would require many samples and hours of test-walking. I searched all over the place but finding a leather production facility in Austria is extremely rare. I was super lucky when I found my current production company less than 12 miles away.

The production is in a little town called Bad Fischau and it is about 45 min south of Vienna.

What I really love about it is the fact that I can check in any time and have that close and personal contact with the team and the actual production. It just makes me incredibly happy to have a 100% handmade Austrian product.


Stay tuned next Friday I will give you closer information about where we produce our High Heels