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Where do we produce our High Heels!

Nov 11, 2016 0 Comments
Where do we produce our High Heels!

Finding the perfect match for a production is like finding the needle in the haystack. After I had the idea of my heel caps I decided that I needed the perfect High Heel to go with it. What does it help to solve the problem of slipping out but still wear uncomfortable shoes? A lot of people have told me to focus on the Heel Caps, but for me this is a shoe concept and they go hand in hand to make women happy.
After deciding to create the most comfortable High Heels I started searching for the right producer. I traveled to different trade shows to find a partner willing to produce small amounts.
I have to admit the first place I worked with did not work out for me. Luckily, at just the right time, at Vienna Fashion week I met a wonderful lady from the Portuguese embassy working for Aicep Portugal Global Trade & Investment Agency. She asked me if I was interested in ...

producing my shoes in Portugal. From this moment everything went really fast and just a few weeks later I was in a plane and traveled to Porto to check out 6 different production facilities. It was amazing to see all different factories but in the end it was clear and we found the perfect match.

It is a small family ran business and people produce with excitement. You can tell they love what they are doing and the comfort and quality we want for you is their number one priority. 

Let’s stay in touch, I will keep you in the loop!
Ines Shanks