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One shoe - 100 possibilities

                 multifaceted and self-confident 


The creation that is changing the women's fashion world.

At the end of the 90's, an American TV-show with four wonderful women from NY City changed all our lives forever.
Since then we all want the same thing.

Shoes, shoes and even more shoes!!

We love shoes!
We want shoes!
We need shoes – fitting every outfit!!

BUT: How are we able to keep up with the fast changing fashion trends?



Shanksoffers Heel Caps, a trendy, practical solution fitting every budget and shoe closet!


Make your favorite high heel fit every outfit!
It doesn’t matter...  business-classic, nightlife-hip, evening dress or street fashion.


Our Heel Caps are small enough to easily fit in your purse or hand lugagge.


Shanksgives you the chance to be part of the fast moving, versatile fashion world.

A product for the brisk, fashion-conscious woman of today.