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I would like to present to you the most comfortable High Heels ever and a fashionable new shoe accessory called Heel Caps.


Shanks is “Always on Trend” - A unique shoe accessory for the fashion conscious woman. 


Allow me to tell you how it all started. My Heel Caps are a completely new shoe accessory that came out of my own personal desperation in dealing with uncomfortable high heels and the never ending story of slipping out of my shoes. Our feet react a lot to temperature changes and you only notice it wearing high heels when all of a sudden you start to slip out. I got tired of it and needed a way to virtually tie my shoes on to my feet. Since I could not find anything like it on the internet I developed my own solution, “Heel Caps”. The modular Heel Caps are high quality, exchangeable covers for the rear quarter of the high heel and work together with exchangeable bands which offer you extra security. The many different colors and styles give you the opportunity to match them with your outfit and change it up as your mood strikes you.

Along the way I thought I should make a comfortable classic high heel to go with them because most heels after several hours tend to hurt. A favorite pair of shoes gets worn very often, and let’s be honest it is a bit boring always wearing the same color. Now I can wear my Heels pain free for several hours and don’t have to worry about slipping out. Women are always amazed by the high level of comfort. They are the little black dress for your feet that always fit your outfit.  

Management & Design of Shanks Shoeware: Ines Shanks