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If the Shoe Fits

What could possibly be worse than heel slippage? By this we’re referring to those heels that fit, but never properly fit. Jewelry that doesn’t fit can easily be resized, clothes that don’t fit perfectly can always be altered, but with high heels it’s a little bit different. Owning a pair of high heels that don’t comfortably fit or stay on your feet, are almost completely useless.  

Usually getting dressed up to impress most often involves a high heel, stiletto, or classic party pump that can have poor performance potential. These days, a lot of high heels are bought solely for how they look, rather than how comfortable they feel. How impractical to be slipping out of your heels before you even step out of the front door? And by now, you’ve learned that a night out in the wrong shoes can result in a barefoot frenzy on the dance floor.

For those of us who rely on high heels to dress for success, heel slippage can be a real pain in the foot. Not only are ill-fitting high heels considered unprofessional, walking to your desk like a newborn deer isn’t going to impress your boss. As you travel from meeting to meeting throughout the day, you should not have to worry about how to keep your heels from slipping off your feet.

Picture this: There you are, about 15 minutes away from the location of an important client meeting, when suddenly, you lose your balance on the sidewalk due to your ill-fitted high heels – there’s no chance you are making that meeting on time!

Or, you’re walking down the street in what should be comfortable heels, but instead, your feet are starting to cramp due to clenching your toes constantly to keep your heels from slipping.

Or, when you’re the only one sitting down at a party, dwelling in the agonizing pain that’s invading the bottom of your feet.

Sometimes, the burden of heel slippage is caused by tights (you know, those heels which were perfectly secure all summer but are suddenly unbearable now that you’re wearing them with tights). Whatever the cause, when your shoe slips off your heel, it can be downright irritating—and even dangerous.

 So, what can a girl to do to make high heels comfortable?


Comfort, Versatility, and More

If you’re still searching for a solution, worry not; the unthinkable has finally been thought of. Thanks to Shanks Shoeware, they have created a high heel specifically designed with comfort as the number one priority. Shanks’ classy black pump heels are a perfect fit for any occasion, from casual jeans to business wear or even with a gorgeous evening dress. The handmade leather design and super soft interior gives the heel an extremely comfortable fit, which helps form to the wearer’s foot. The heels’ platform design helps take the pressure off your feet while still looking fabulous.

Why limit your obsession to just high heels when you can now add accessories? The brilliant minds behind Shanks Shoeware introduced “heel caps” to the world so that fashionistas like yourself could feel as good as their heels look, no matter what. By cuffing a heel cap to the back of your high heels, this is step one to infusing a pop of color and comfort to those ill-fitted high heels you were about to throw away. The beauty of the heel caps is that it not only do they solve the everyday problem of your heels slipping off your feet, but you can accessorize your heels with so many variations of our heel caps.

To spice up the versatility factor, Shanks Shoeware have also designed a trendy anklet that goes with the heel caps, allowing you to add yet another layer of awesome to your high heel collection. Featuring both thick and thin strap designs, colorful and plain shades, these fashionable anklets add a strappy sex appeal to your high heels. While stirring in the extra dose of style, these anklets give you longed-for security that prevent the dreaded heel slippage.

Big on traveling, you say? If you’re always on the go, the perfect heel cap/anklet combination could reduce your time being wasted, suitcase space and of course aching feet! How often have you over-packed your suitcase in the name of a pair of “just-in-case” heels?  Instead of stuffing three different pairs of high heels for three different occasions into your luggage, bringing one pair of Shanks Shoeware high heels along with your favorite heel caps and anklets, will guarantee that you look stylish and you’ll have the comfort you need!

When founder Ines Shanks, a busy business woman, was tired of her heels slipping off her feet, she knew this problem needed a solution. Along with the undeniable comfort and never-ending versatility, the huge feature of these Shanks Shoeware products is the high-quality leather. With the heel caps hand crafted in Austria and the high heels hand crafted in Portugal, Shanks Shoeware has qualities that play right into the hand of the modern business woman. So, if heel slippage is a reoccurring problem every time you take a step, it may be time to update your shoes for maximum comfort.